About David R. Robinson

About Me

Film Days

I've been interested in photography since I had a Kodak Instamatic 110 camera when I was a kid.   My mom ended up getting a Nikon FM 35mm film camera and I was soon hooked on shooting 35mm film.

35mm Nikon FE

I was amazed at the flexibility and power to create that you had when you could control everything.   I used my mom's camera way more than she did and quickly decided I wanted my own camera.   I saved my money for several months and finally had saved enough to buy a Nikon FE from a pawn shop.

I was always taking my camera to events and anytime I was enjoying the outdoors and nature.   I used my Nikon FE 35mm for many years even after digital cameras came around.

Digital Transition

I went through a few point and shoot digital cameras -- which was all I could afford at the time.   I was always frustrated at not being able to control the camera to do exactly what I wanted.   I finally purchased a Nikon D7000 DSLR in 2011 and was so happy to once again have a camera I could fully control.

I used my Nikon D7000 for several years and was traveling a lot for work and taking my camera with me to shoot.   Even though the crop sensor D7000 body was smaller than a full frame, it was still quite heavy and took up a lot of space in my travel bags--especially when flying.   I needed something lighter and smaller to take on trips like visiting the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.


After a lot of research, I decided to try out a Sony mirrorless camera.   I purchased one the day it was first released in early 2014.   Eventually I ended up getting a second body because I was doing some occasional paid portrait work. You can't show up for a paid gig and say, "sorry my camera died we need to reschedule" if something bad happens to your camera.

The shutter on one of my a6000 bodies decided to die (after faithfully providing over 140,000 actuations), so I decided to upgrade my replacement to the much more advanced Sony a6600.   I have watched the incremental changes over the years, but never felt it was worth the upgrade for the cost given what I shoot until Sony finally put the larger Z size battery in the a6600.   I never had a battery die on my with my D7000, but with the smaller size and much smaller battery on the a6000 this was a big frustration.   The batter alone was worth the upgrade in my view, but on top of that I got a massively improved focusing system and a number of other items that are a big change from the a6000 that I had been using for the past 6 years.

I now shoot with the a6600 as my primary body and use my still functional a6000 as a backup and second body.   I try to get outdoors as much as often as I can.

Prints & Merchandise

If you are interested in prints or merchandise, you can use the PRINTS menu item to access my prints and merchandise site.   If you would like a print of one of my images that is not available there, please let me know which image you would like me to add and I'd be happy to add it for you.

Social Media

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