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This website features images of my local travel adventures as well as the numerous locations across the United States and globally that I have been so fortunate to be able to visit.   You'll find waterfalls, scenic vistas, mountains, cityscapes, nature and even some aviation images from airshows I have photographed.

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How to Connect


I usually share some information about each image as part of my posts on social media.   This might include the location, a background story on the image, or other tidbit.   Come join me there and take part in the discussions.   CONNECT to find me on various social media plaforms.

CONTACT me if you are interested in licensing an image or wish to contact me directly.

I post my time-lapse vidoes on YouTubeYouTube.   Scroll down to see some examples.


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You can get order prints and merchandise with my images printed on them.
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If you would like a print or merchandise with one of my images that you cannot
find on my store, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

Need to Relax?

Time-lapse Videos

Occasionally I find myself in a good location for shooting a time-lapse video sequence.   I share these on my YouTubeYouTube Channel.   Here is a sample of a few of my favorites.  I typically use relaxing or happy music with them.   If you enjoy them, please subscribe to my channel to get notified whenever I share a new video.